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What Can Fixing Your Credit Report Do for You?
Car Buying
Home Purchases
Renting an apartment
When you go to buy a car, you want the best credit score possible which can make a new car more affordable.  A fixed credit report can increase your score which means your car payments can be lower from lower interest rates.
Buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life.  A fixed credit report again helps you to increase your score which can save you thousands of dollars from the interest rates.  You want the lowest interest rate possible.  One bad mark on your report can increase your interest rates.  
If you need to rent an apartment, there are many who are also interested in the same apartment.  Those with the better credit scores have the best chance of getting the apartment.  Just being military overall is not going to give you a better chance. 
Fixing your credit report can save you thousands from interest rates!
Meet The Team
  1. Ranger Dave
    Dave Maestas is a retired Army Special Forces "Green Beret" and Airborne Ranger. He is the JBLM Credit Medic who will introduce you to fixing your credit report.
  2. Pamela Luurs
    Pamela is the Credit Report specialist with years of experience in fixing credit reports. A valued and well-known member of the business community, Pamela's attention to detail will help you to resolve the credit report issues that you have.
  3. JBLM Credit Medic
    JBLM Credit Medic is not affiliated with the DoD or JBLM.